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A unique skill set in data science and social sciences

Graduate training

A major goal of FAIR is the development of a modular qualification program in data sciences and statistics, which will be integrated in various graduate training programs, e.g. at the Center for Research on Education and School Development and the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. The conception and implementation of a joint postgraduate training program in the field of quantitative methods for dealing with large data sets or small case numbers for social science oriented questions aims at establishing sustainable methodological knowledge at TU Dortmund University. Modular teaching materials are being designed across faculty boundaries and their use is being evaluated within the structured PhD programs of the participating faculties. 

Upon integration into the postgraduate training, the program will be improved continuously. The quality standards are assessed through formative and summative evaluation with students, and people responsible for teaching and doctoral training, culminating in an agile adaptation and reevaluation of the material. It is planned to extend the graduate training to other social and cultural science areas.

The joint methodological qualification of (post-)graduate students thus ensures a reliable, systematic and interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and leads to an institutional anchoring of FAIR in teaching programs at TU Dortmund University.